CKF Covid-19 Announcement

Guidance and advisory for events being organized and held in the Canadian Kendo, Iaido and Jodo community. 

In recognition of the current situation of Covid-19, Canadian Kendo Federation advises that events scheduled for March and April be postponed or canceled if possible. For those that cannot, we advise announcing that anyone having any symptoms (e.g. fever, cough, rhinorrhea, pneumonia) and those who have travelled abroad within the last 14 days to any country that are under travel advisory (…/20…/latest-travel-health-advice.html) to not participate in any kendo community events.

We advise clubs follow these guidelines as well for people joining practices.

Based on the risk assessment, kendo and kendo tournaments would be considered a high risk event.

Furthermore, the list of affected and high risk areas cover many our community members backgrounds, so special care should be taken.

For the Canadian National Kendo Championships in July, we do not recommend that participants make flight and accommodation bookings until further notice. The CKF will reassess the situation at the end of April again regarding the scheduling of the Kendo Nationals.