JCCC Junior Tournament 2020 ***Cancelled***

***Update: The Junior Tournament has been cancelled due to the Corvid-19 pandemic.***


The JCCC Kendo Club will be hosting its annual Junior Spring Kendo Tournament on Sunday, April 26th, 2020. We extend our invitation to all Junior Kendoka of 18 yrs old and under to join us. We look forward to an enjoyable and fun event for everyone.


  • Registration: 8:30AM
  • Tournament start: 9:00AM
  • Tournament end: Approximately 1:00PM followed by lunch

Entrance Fee:

  • $35 CAD (Entrance fee includes lunch)
  • $10 for extra lunch
  • Cheque or Money Order payable to “JCCC Kendo Club”

Tournament Divisions*:

A – Individual Non-Bogu (18yrs. old & under) C – Individual Bogu (11 – 13 yrs. old)
B – Individual Bogu (10 yrs. old & under) D – Individual Bogu (14 – 15 yrs. old)
E– Individual Bogu (16 – 18 yrs.old)

Team (Bogu):

• 10 – 13 yrs. old
• 14 – 18 yrs. old
3 players per team; spare players may join other clubs’ teams as needed.
*Divisions are subject to change (may combine or split) depending on the number of participants for each division

Deadline is Sunday, April 5th, 2020

  • All registration forms, waivers and payment must be received by the deadline date.
  • All competitors must be or have been 18 years of age or under as of January 1st, 2020.The age ofeach bogu competitor on January 1st, 2020 is to be used to determine the division the respective competitor is to participate in.
  • All competitors must wear keikogi and hakama to participate in the tournament.
  • All bogu competitors must also wear zekken.
  • Each competitor must provide a signed waiver to participate in the tournament (attached).
  • Each club is asked to complete and send a single registration form on behalf of its club members.
  • Note: Registering clubs are asked to complete the ‘Shimpan List’ (2nd tab of registration form)
  • Registration fee payable to JCCC Kendo Club
  • Please send registration form and waivers via email to [email protected] (preferred) or via mail to:
    JCCC Kendo Club (c/o Junior Tournament)
    6 Garamond Court, Toronto, ON M3C 1Z5

Tournament package can be downloaded here: <https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OWIGsx9ao8vZQ0F6gAviKooP1E4fcrDy?usp=sharing>

The event is finished.